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Last time on Beyond the Castle, we began to explore the Port Orleans Riverside food court’s breakfast menu. Today, we will look at their lunch/dinner menu. If you need directions to the food court, please refer to the previous post that I wrote before this one. In that post I explained, in detail, how to get to the food court from your resort room if you are staying at the Port Orleans Riverside. Now, let us talk about the various food options you can have at either lunch or dinner. For starters, the food court begins serving lunch at eleven a.m. Based upon what you order, the prices may vary. Whenever I go to the food court for lunch or dinner, I order different things each time I go there. I of course love the chicken nuggets that they serve. Just like with breakfast, you can order things for children or adults. The children’s menu has smaller portions and costs a little bit less. The last time I went to Walt Disney World and stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside, I ordered the create your own pasta. You have different choices for pasta but I chose the spaghetti option. What I liked about that is you have the option of adding shrimp to your meal that they will put in with the spaghetti. Plus, the portion was very large which I enjoyed. As far as price goes, the create your own pasta option will be your most expensive option of all the lunch/dinner options. This particular pasta dish costs $10.49. The one time I went there they had a bacon cheeseburger that was very tasty as well. A word of warning though, while doing research for this blog post, I noticed that the bacon cheeseburger was no longer an option on their lunch/dinner menu. If you plan on staying at Port Orleans Riverside during your next visit to Walt Disney World, the bacon cheeseburger may be there or it may not be. You will just have to see once you get there. Now for dessert, I enjoy the chocolate ice cream. That comes in either one or two scoops. While doing some more research for this post I also noticed that the food court offers cobbler during the holiday season. One year, I may have to check that out. ;-) For me, there is nothing like eating a cheeseburger or eating some ice cream while listening to yehaa Bob Jackson on the night’s that he performs. If you do plan on going to the food court on a night that he is there, please be aware that the food court is open until midnight. I believe if you are looking to have a meal before going to bed or you are looking to have a meal for dinner before going to the parks at night, the Port Orleans Riverside food court is a great option. If you have been to Walt Disney World and have enjoyed their food court for either lunch or dinner, what was your favorite meal? If you have never been to Walt Disney World, what is your favorite place to eat for lunch or dinner? Please post your comments below for the world to see. Next time on Beyond the Castle, we will be taking a look at the Crystal Palace which is located inside the Magic Kingdom. For now though, as always, have a magical day!


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