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Hello everyone and welcome to the Thursday edition of Beyond the Castle. Today, we will be taking a closer look at the various Walt Disney World resorts. In Disney World, there are four different levels of resorts that you can choose from. They are; Disney’s Value resorts, Disney’s Moderate resorts, Disney’s Deluxe resorts and Disney’s Deluxe Villas. Each level has its own price range with value resorts being the least expensive and the deluxe villas being the most expensive of the group. Over the next couple of days, we will be giving you a detailed explanation of what each resort level has to offer with assistance of the Disney Vacation Planning DVD. Let’s begin with the value resorts and what they provide. The DVD begins by talking about the All-Star movie resorts. For clarification, there are also All-Star sports and All-Star music resorts. These resorts are really self-explanatory. Each resort has its own theme to it with the All-Star movie resort having a movie theme, All-Star music resort having a music theme etc. What is really neat that is highlighted on the DVD is how at the All-Star music resort they actually have a pool shaped like a guitar. Next, the food courts at the value resorts are highlighted. They point out the ease and convenience to which the various food courts can provide. According to the DVD, you can even have pizza delivered to your room. I think the main focal point of this section is the highlighting of the Art of Animation resort which is opening in the summer of 2012. These resorts feature the Disney characters from the various animation films include the Lion King and the Carz franchise. These resorts are decorated so thoroughly that even the shower curtains have Disney characters on them. The last thing that is mentioned in this section of the DVD is the fact that these resorts have suite options for larger families. This provides more space to fill you ever growing family needs. Overall, if you’re looking to go to Disney on a budget, Disney value resorts may be the perfect option for you. What is your favorite value resort at Walt Disney World? If you have never been to Walt Disney World, what is your favorite hotel to stay at if you are on a budget? Please post your comments below and let the world know how you feel. Next time on Beyond the Castle, we would take a look at my favorite level of resorts, the moderate resorts. For now though, as always, have a magical day!

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