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June 28th, 2012

Hello Disney lovers. I want to follow up on the post I wrote on Wednesday today. If you haven’t read it, on that day, I wrote about my memories of Virgin Megastore that used to be located at Downtown Disney’s West Side. That post got me thinking yesterday. What are some other stores do people miss that used to be at Walt Disney World? I admit, I’m not much of a shopper. Going to Disney’s Marketplace, which is located at the East side of Downtown Disney is about the extent to which I shop. I also enjoy shopping at the Japan store at Epcot’s World Showcase. I have two favorite stores at Disney’s Marketplace. The first is World of Disney, where you can find pretty much anything you can think of that’s Disney related. My other favorite is Team Mickey which has sports memorabilia that is both Disney related and non-Disney related. However, the last time I checked, those two stores were both still in existence. Virgin Megastore is really the only store that I miss that is no longer at Walt Disney World. What about you? What are some stores that you miss at Walt Disney World? Are there any stores that you wish would come back? If so, which ones? Please post your comments below or E-mail us at I look forward to reading what you have to say. For now though, as always, have a magical day!

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