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What Would You Like To See?

July 17th, 2012

Hello Disney lovers. One of the best things about a Walt Disney World vacation is the memories. There are many different ways to capture once in a lifetime memories. Some mem0ries you can have in your mind and repeat to yourself or tell others time and time again. Due to technology, you can also take still pictures or film movies of things that capture your eye. I know all of this from experience. We have many movies and pictures in our home that allows us to relive our Disney vacations. On our last trip, I was able to take the media we took on our portable camera and download it to my hard drive for the first time ever. This is a great feature to have especially on those cold winter nights. I’m now able to just sit back and watch the videos that we took. This always puts me in a good mood and also makes me eager for my next Disney World vacation. Now that I have a well established Disney blog, I would like to share all of my future memories with you. This leads me to the question of the day. What would you like to see from Walt Disney World while I’m down there? I plan on taking both movies and still photos to enhance this blog. However, like I’ve always said, I want this blog to be very interactive and geared towards you the reader. Is there a ride that you would like to see? Please be advised that I cannot go on any roller coasters due to my disability. I do plan on going to all 4 parks though and to various other places within Walt Disney World. Please comment below or E-mail us at and let us know what you would like to see. For now though, as always and especially this week, have a magical day!

2 comments on “What Would You Like To See?

  1. Grandpa Fred on said:

    FSR………..We’ll be praying for good weather.
    Sorry we aren’t going with you.


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