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What Is It There For?

August 31st, 2012

Hello Disney lovers. Today I wanted to share an answer to a great mystery I had regarding Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex. Now I already knew about this complex in generality terms. A place with its own baseball field, football fields and a basketball court among other things. However, I hadn’t heard of any big events there other than the Atlanta Braves having there Spring Training baseball games there. This had me thinking. Other than for those games, what is the complex really there for? My answer to this puzzling question came to me when I was watching TV on my latest trip to Walt Disney World. I was watching a basketball game on ESPN U featuring the top high school basketball players. I found out that the top recruits in all the major college sports including basketball, football and even lacrosse play in Walt Disney World at the Wide World of Sports complex. This makes sense seeing that the top college coaches would want to go some place warm to watch the top athletes in the nation compete. Why not watch them play at the happiest place on Earth? Have you ever watched a game at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex? If so, what was the sport? If you haven’t seen a game there, would you ever consider watching a game on your next Walt Disney World vacation? Why or why not? Please post your comments below or E-mail us at to share your thoughts. For now though, as always, have a magical day!

One comment on “What Is It There For?

  1. I’m sure your not much of a Cheer/Dance Team watcher, but they hold the world chaipionships there too. They have them on ESPN. However, the coverage on ESPN is not great. There are tons of teams there, with tons of categories to quilify for, however ESPN cuts it to 1/2 hour or hour shows and only shows the top team in each event, and snips of the other teams. Maybe if more of the Disney complex was shown, more people would include it in their vacation plans.

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