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Front of the Line Pass

October 25th, 2011

Ok, so you’ve ridden the Monorail and now it’s time for you to get off at the Magic Kingdom. If you’re a person with a disability though, you may be wondering “Do I need something special to get on the various rides such as a pass of some sorts?” The answer is yes. Disney World offers something called the Front of the Line pass. This pass does exactly what the name says which is gets you to the front of the line at virtually every ride in Walt Disney World. The beauty of this pass is that once you acquire it from one park, you can use it for all 4 parks for the length of your stay. Now for this example, I’m going to tell you how to obtain one of these passes at the Magic Kingdom. Let’s pretend that you’re standing at the front gates of Magic Kingdom. You just put your ticket through the slot to gain admission to the park and now you need to get you Front of the Line pass. Once you go through the front gates, you will want to walk to the left. On your way to the building, you’ll be going underneath the tunnel for the train that takes you around the Magic Kingdom. Once you go through the tunnel, you will want to go to the first building on your left. When you get there, you’ll be asked a series of questions by a cast member that will be helping you. You’ll be asked how many people in your party, how many passes you need and how long you will be staying at Walt Disney World. This is important because once your vacation is over, your pass will expire. This is why they ask you how long you will be staying in Disney World. When all that information is completed, you will have your pass and be able to go to the front of the line at virtually all rides in Walt Disney World. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to E-mail me at or comment below. Next time, we’re going to have a little fun. Until then, have a magical day!

5 comments on “Front of the Line Pass

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  3. Skip on said:


    Be sure to research this before your trip. You may want to do another blog about it. :)

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