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To DVC or To Not DVC?

October 5th, 2012

Hello Disney lovers. One of Disney’s biggest money makers is arguably the Disney Vacation Club. This club isĀ  Disney’s answer to a vacation timeshare. Just like any other timeshare, you pay for a certain amount of points you can use for your next vacation. However, is it really worth enrolling over just simply booking a yearly vacation? Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of becoming a Disney Vacation Club member. People often think that when you are a Disney Vacation Club member, you can only go to Walt Disney World and use your points there. This simply is not true. Once you become a member, you can spend your points on trips all around the world. You can anywhere from South Carolina to Costa Rica and everywhere in between. You see, Disney has special resorts set up specifically designed for the Vacation Club members. I think this gives members a sense of exclusiveness that you can rarely find with any other timeshare package. Plus, every vacation spot has that special Disney touch. This makes enrolling worth it to some people. On top of that somehow, the points you pay are less than an actual vacation. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but I’ll take Disney’s word for it. I feel unfortunately the advantages stop there. One of the biggest disadvantages to becoming a member is that if you want to use your points on a stay at Walt Disney World, it would only be worth your money to spend them at a Deluxe resort such as Old Key West or Wilderness Lodge. I feel this limits you tremendously as far as where you can stay. If I were to become a member, I would make sure I could use my points effectively at Port Orleans Riverside, which is my favorite resort. At the present time though, that would not be cost effective. Another big disadvantage is the maintenance fee issue. Even if you are not going on vacation and using your points, you have to pay a monthly maintenance fee or your timeshare will be foreclosed. This would mean you would have to go on vacation in order to make the timeshare worth the price you are paying for it. Based on these facts, would you ever consider becoming a Disney Vacation Club member? Why or why not? If you are already a Disney Vacation Club member, do you feel it is worth the investment? Why or why not? Please post your comments below or E-mail us at with your thoughts. For now though, as always, have a magical day!

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