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Hidden Mickeys

October 12th, 2012

Hello Disney lovers. One of the more fascinating aspects of Walt Disney World are the hidden Mickeys that are spread out all over Walt Disney World. Hidden Mickeys are basically the shape of Mickey Mouse hidden in various things that you would never expect the Mickey shape to be in. For example, one of the most notable ones I remember seeing happened this past vacation. As I was admiring the amazing detail of our princess room, I had noticed a hidden Mickey on the curtains of our window. As you begin seeing them, you start wanting to find them wherever you go. At least that has been my experience with them. Also, the more you do see them, the better you are at finding them. You almost develop a “Hidden Mickey eye” so to speak. It really can become a fun adventure if you make it that way. Just think of it as a great big game of I spy as you go along Walt Disney World. If you want to find them faster, I heard that there is actually a mobile app that can assist you in finding them. I’ve never actually downloaded and used this app, but I have it on good source that it does exist. Now you may ask: What is my favorite hidden Mickey? Well for me, it may or may not even be one, but look in the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney. I won’t tell you exactly where it is. I will just give you a hint. Look in the plants when you sit down for your meal. My father doesn’t think there is one where I think there’s one, but Ill leave it up to you to find it. What is your favorite hidden Mickey in Walt Disney World? Where exactly is it located? Where do you wish there was a hidden Mickey and why? Please post your comments below or E-mail us at with your thoughts. For now though, as always, have a magical day!

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