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Thoughts On Avatar

November 12th, 2011

A couple months ago, Disney’s Animal Kingdom announced that they will be teaming with director J. J Abrams to construct a new land based on the blockbuster movie Avatar. People who caught wind of the situation had mixed emotions. The people who were in favor of this believed it would be a good idea for these two great forces to come together and construct something amazing. We all know how great Avatar did in the movie theaters and how visually stunning the film is. Plus, we know how imaginative Disney engineers are with all of their projects. However, there were some naysayers as well. They are saying that a PG-13 movie should not be involved with a place like Disney World. Now me personally, I am in favor of this land being built and here’s why. First of all, Disney World has had PG-13 movie themed attractions before. I can vividly remember when Ace Ventura Pet Detective was popular and they had a stunt show for that film. Now that film was also PG-13. Perhaps it was not as permanent as this, but the main point is Disney World has allowed PG-13 films to come into their parks before.  Another great point that I heard is this. Disney World is trying to keep up with Harry Potter over at Universal Orlando. To do that, they are building this land to compete what that land. When people don’t understand is that Avatar is coming out with a 2 and 3 in the coming years. I believe this will grow the land simply because another movie will be made after the land opens. Meanwhile, over at Universal, all of the Harry Potter movies have already been made. Due to this, there is no room for expansion. I believe it’s a great expansion for Animal Kingdom. The naysayers I believe will change their minds once it is built or even when the blueprints are released. After that happens, we can all see what Disney and the visionary director has in mind. Then, you can make your own conclusions. For now though, we should just wait and see what the ideas are before we say yay or nay on the project. What do you think? Is this Avatar land a good idea? Alternatively, do you feel it’s a bad idea for Disney? I would love to have a debate about this so please leave your comments below. Until next time, as always, have a magical day!

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