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This week on Beyond the Castle, we will be taking a look closer into the Walt Disney World resorts. We will start with a fact that you might not know about. Picture this if you will. You are in the parks and you go into one of the many souvenir stores. You see something you really like but in the back of your mind you’re thinking “I don’t want to carry all of these souvenirs with me throughout all the attractions I go on.” This thinking might even prohibit you from purchasing things you really want. Luckily, there is a solution. You can have your packages delivered to your resort. When you are in a store with your new souvenirs, you can simply tell the clerk that you are staying in a Walt Disney World resort. Knowing this, the cast member will give you a short form to fill out. On this form, they will ask you your name, your address (just in case there is a problem with your delivery.), where you are staying and your room number. A couple of days after you do this, if you go down to the lobby of your resorts, your packages that you purchased will be there. This method will save you a lot of hassle, especially if you are with young children. You don’t want to have to be carrying packages around with you. This method is I think most useful if you are at the Magic Kingdom. As I said before in previous blogs, the only way to get to the magic kingdom is by using the monorail transportation system. Therefore, you want to avoid putting the packages next to you on the monorail. Heaven forbid, your packages might get lost on the monorail. Walt Disney World wants you to have the most stress-free vacation you could possibly have. By delivering your packages to the lobby of you resort, I feel they do a good job in accomplishing that feat. If you were at Walt Disney World for the first time, what would be the first thing that you would buy at a park? If you have been to Walt Disney World, what was the first thing that you bought in a park? Please leave your comments below and let the world know what you think. Next time on Beyond the Castle, I will be doing a little more Disney World reminiscing. For now though, as always, have a magical day!

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