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At what age?

December 2nd, 2011

One of the most common questions I receive regarding Walt Disney World is the question of at what age should they take their children to the happiest place on Earth. The consensus I receive is that the age of 5 is a good age. This is the age, in theory, that children are able to comprehend what is going on around them. This is a very valid theory to many Disney lovers. However it is not my theory. Now if you know me, you know that I am, above all else, an eternal optimist. I can see the bright side in pretty much any situation. Perhaps that comes from me being physically disabled. I’m not sure. Due to this view, perhaps my view is a bit one sided. Some would say that my view borderlines on ignorance. However, I stand firm in my belief. My belief is that if you have the funds to support a Disney World vacation, I say go at whatever age your child is. I come from the mindset of that you only live once. I can’t stand it when people say they have the money to go, but their child is too young. One question I would like to ask those people is this. When your child is the age you believe that is a proper age for your child to go, are you absolutely certain that you will have the funds to go on vacation? Unless you’re Donald Trump or Warren Buffett, the answer will always be no. Now you may believe you will be able to, but you will not know for sure. That’s why I say that if you have the money now, that you should go while the finances of there. Another argument many parents use is that if they go with their child when the child is too young, that the child may not remember their vacation. My thinking is, isn’t that what pictures are for? I feel that pictures can tell a lot about you vacation. You can look at them with your son or daughter and say something like ” Look, that was you when we went on vacation.” Also, you yourself will be able to see the joy on your kids faces when they see a Disney character that they love dearly and that is something you yourself will never forget. Yes, the arguments on both sides are valid. However, the above opinions are strictly mine. If you have been to Walt Disney World, at what age did you first go? If you have not been to Walt Disney World but have been on vacation before, what age did you first go? Please post your comments below and let the world know your thoughts. Next time on Beyond the Castle, we will be diving into the food aspect of Walt Disney World. Until then, as always, have a magical day!


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