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Food Guide: ESPN Club

December 7th, 2011

Bon appétit! This week on Beyond the Castle, I will be spotlighting five of my favorite restaurants in Walt Disney World. I hope this will give you a good restaurant guide for your next Walt Disney World vacation. We will start with the ESPN Club which is located at the Boardwalk resort. To get to the restaurant, you will have to go on the elevator of the Boardwalk resort. When you go through the doors of the resort, you will have to go to the right. You will go down a hallway until you see an elevator on your right. You will have to take the elevator to the second floor where the Boardwalk is. When you get off the elevator, the doors to get on to the Boardwalk will be on your left. When you go through those doors, it is a good idea to go to the right if you want to go to the ESPN club. Once you get to the Boardwalk, the ESPN Club is the last restaurant on the Boardwalk. The ESPN Club does not take reservations in advance. The restaurant can be compared to a Buffalo Wild Wings as far as the atmosphere is concerned. What makes this restaurant so unique is it has over 100 televisions all around it. What is even better is that if you want to watch a particular sports game, you can simply ask your server to put on the game you want to watch. For example, say that you are a New York Yankees fan and you go to the ESPN Club while they are playing. You can simply ask your server to put on the Yankee game. Each television had a number below it. Due to this, your server will simply go in the back and tell whoever is in charge to put the Yankee game on the numbered television that is closest to you. Also, if you go around six o’clock, the ESPN Club broadcasts their own podcast and often has the audience participate in the broadcast. Food wise, I recommend two dishes, the booyah chill and the ESPN dingers. The booyah chili comes in either a bowl or a cup size. The ESPN dingers are chicken nuggets covered in your choice of sauces. I personally order the hot flavored dingers, but I don’t think it’s recommended for those who cannot handle hot food. The only downside to the ESPN Club is that the service is a little slow. However, there is so much going on to entertain you that you really don’t notice the wait. Overall, I believe the ESPN Club is a great place to eat if you are a sports fan. Have you ever been to the ESPN Club? If so, what did you have? If you haven’t been there and you are a sports fan, what is your favorite sports team? Please share your comments below for the world to see. Next time on Beyond the Castle, we head over to the Rainforest Café. For now, as always, have a magical day!

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